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We can also help you determine the right pool heat pump for your home - size, efficiency, and cost. Choosing the right pool heater system is extremely important and starts with determining the right size heater based on the size of your pool. You also want to know the best heat systems, benefits and potential pitfalls. We can help you make this determination. We will also work within your budget.

Proper installation and maintenance of your heat pump pool heater will ensure efficiency is completely optimized. With proper installation and maintenance your heat pump can last 10 years or more!

Heating a pool sound too expensive? It doesn't have to be! The temperature you set and the length of the time you heat make a big difference. But, did you know a pool cover can reduce pool heating costs by up to 50%?

We deliver and install a wide range of heat pumps for residential applications. Please consult our knowledgeable staff before purchasing a heat pump to ensure you get a properly sized heat pump for your particular pool. Our knowledgeable staff can help you choose the right heater for your pool, and guide you towards the most efficient unit available.

Investing in a Pool Heat Pump What Homeowners Need to Know

Many people assume that there is no need to heat pool water in Florida. After all, isn’t the weather always sunny? In fact, choosing to install the right type of pool heat pump is a smart move. Here is some of the more important information that the homeowner needs to know about the pumps, how they work, and what type of benefits come with having the right heat pump in place.

What is a Pool Heat Pump?

A pool heat pump is a device that’s designed to increase the water temperature to the level that the homeowner desires. The pump works by circulating the pool water through a series of coils. Those coils are designed with a fan that helps to draw in the warm air. With the aid of some type of liquid refrigerant, the warmer air is converted into a gas and used as the means of heating the water passing through the pump heater. The coils are also heated using a steady supply of electricity. Once the water is heated, it’s passed back into the pool. This rotating strategy ensures that the water is the ideal temperature for swimming.

How Does Having a Heat Pump for the Pool Benefit the Homeowner?

While Florida enjoys warm weather for most of the year, certain parts of the state do experience chilly seasons. Even along the southern areas of the Gulf and Atlantic coasts, cool weather can make the water in a pool too cool for swimming. By choosing to install a heat pump in the pool system, it’s possible to heat the water to a temperature that’s perfect for swimming any time of the year.

Who Should Handle the Installation?

In order to get the most from a pump installation, it’s in the best interests of the property owner to have a professional do the work. Many homeowners find that choosing to consult with a professional prior to purchasing a pump saves a great deal of time and frustration. A pro can identify the right pump based on the size of the pool, the average temperature in different seasons, and the energy efficiency rating of the pump.

A pro has all the resources needed to manage the installation properly. There will be no chance of failing to connect a component in compliance with the manufacturer instructions. Once the installation is complete, the pro will also run the pump through a series of tests. This is to ensure that the heated gas created from the air and circulating through the compressor and coils is flowing as it should. The pro will also make sure the settings for the system are working as they should. Once the pump is functioning, the professional will walk the homeowner through the process of using the controls to adjust the temperature of the water.

Does Having a Professional Take Care of the Maintenance and Repair Really Make a Difference?

Once the pump is in place, there is the need to address the issue of upkeep and maintenance. The best approach is to enter into an agreement with a local service. The professional will be by to check the efficiency of the pump, look for signs of any parts deterioration, and take care of the repairs when and as the need arises. This helps to ensure the pump provides many years of service before the need for a replacement arises.

Talk with a pro about investing in a pool heat pump today. Once it’s up and running, the homeowner will find that it makes enjoying the pool all the easier.

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