Taking advantage of your swimming pool shouldn't be confined to summer! Enjoy your pool all-year-round with our expert pool heating services.

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Having a heated pool is a necessity, even in Southwest Florida. Without pool heating, many end up using their pool only a few months out of the year. So if you are going to have a heated pool, solar heating can be a much more cost effective method.

Some of the many benefits of pool solar heating in Florida include reduced utility bill when compared to other heating methods, reduced maintenance, more economical long term overall and more Eco friendly.

How Solar Heating Systems Works

For the most part, residential pool solar systems operate straight from the existing pool filter and pump. However, a few systems use a booster pump (a little larger than average size).

Efficient systems utilize an automatic controlled diverting valve. The system operates when sunshine is the strongest. During this time, the solar control detects that there is enough heat in the solar collectors.

In turn, the diverting valve turns and thus guides the pool water through the collectors. It is within the collectors where the pool water is heated. When the water is heated it then returns back to the pool.

Installing a Pool Solar Heating System

When it comes to installing a pool solar heating system, it is imperative that you hire a professional. Although putting in a solar system may be tempting to some DIYs, there are many variables for installing it correctly.

For instance, where to place the panels, at what angles, wind factors, best heating results for the pump and how many panels will be needed to heat your pool. Why risk a bad installation?

Hiring a professional pool company like Pool Boy Inc, will save you the time and potential damage that may be caused from non professional attempts.

Solar Pool Heating in Southwest Florida

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