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Port Charlotte Pool Light Repair

Lighting a pool is a matter of safety as much as it is about aesthetics. Placing LED lights in different colors at night will make a pool look gorgeous. They also make it safe for people who love night dips to take them without trouble. It's not even a negotiable matter whether to have pool lights or not.

The thing about pool lighting is that it will need repairs at some point. Even with the highest quality LED bulbs, some parts of the installation will incur wear and tear. Regardless of how long the LED bulbs last, proper installation is essential. Older pool lighting can be dangerous if open wires or leaks occur. Don't take chances. Let our professional pool lighting repair team handle it.

Port Charlotte Pool Filter Repair

Swimming pools contain filtration systems to facilitate circulation of water. The filter in your pool is what allows you to have water that is free of dirt and debris. Filters ensure that the chemical levels in the pool stay balanced. A filtration system will, however, have problems if it doesn't get the necessary care.

Accumulation of debris will cause a filter to block, thus preventing it from removing dirt. If the situation doesn't change, then you end up with damaged filters that need replacing. Depending on the type of filter, a replacement can cost a significant amount.

A professional maintenance service can deal with all types of pool filter cleaning to remove hairs, grease or debris stuck in filters. Note that a faulty filtration system will affect the efficiency of the pump and that will lead to higher power bills. Another problem that the filtration may face is short cycling. Blockage and incorrect sizing of filters are the most common causes of this issue.

Port Charlotte Pool Pump & Motor Repair

The pumping system in a pool is responsible for generating pressure for proper water flow. It is also the pump that ensures that there is filtration in the pool for clean water. One potential cause for repair is the loss of suction. Such a problem will result in a lack of water movement in a pool. If the water is not moving, then it means it's not getting to the pump, which could cause it to overheat.

A pump that sucks air may be due to a leaking suction line. Damage to other components in the system such as the shaft seal, impeller, and thread sealant may cause a pump to leak water, which is another common challenge. An expert repair technician can handle problems like these and get water pumping in your pool again.

Port Charlotte Pool Resurfacing

The finish of the pool is what makes it beautiful to look at. It is why you insist on picking a color and style that will suit your overall landscaping theme. However, exposing pool surfaces to chemicals and salt will take its toll and start to show after some time. Old age can also be tough on the surfaces. Ask about our pool resurfacing options. We can provide professional resurfacing to return luster to your swimming pool and make it safe for use.

Port Charlotte Chlorinator Repair

Treating your swimming pool with chlorine is critical to maintaining adequate sanitizer levels. Proper treatment mitigates the growth of algae in a pool and makes the water safe for humans. The chlorinator is the device that facilitates all this. If it's not working right, then it leads to an imbalance of chemical levels, causing algae and bacteria growth.

A worn out tube in the chlorinator may be one reason for this. The tubing could also be cracked, leading to entry of air, which disrupts suction, resulting in a chlorine leak. Clogging in the strainer and injection fitting are also potential faults.

Port Charlotte Pool Timer Repair

Pool timers are usually for triggering cleaning and heating cycles. A timer could start acting up – turning off manually but not automatically. Failure to turn off is another potential problem. You could also face an issue of breakers tripping every time the timer turns on. One explanation for this is burnt contacts in the timer. Timers that don't work properly will cause inefficiency in the pumping system; and subsequently, increased power usage.

Port Charlotte Pool Inspection

Knowing the different challenges that come with owning a pool should not worry you. Regular inspection from our trained technicians is one way you can curb common issues. An exhaustive inspection will identify potential problems before they magnify. If during an inspection, a technician notices a heater corroding, you can get repairs there and then, which may save you a lot of money. Most of the mentioned problems get worse due to lack of immediate action.

Hiring Pool Boy Inc, to provide maintenance and repairs to your swimming pool will help you keep it fun and safe for every user.

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